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Yooma Paris Tour Eiffel is a hotel located in the city's 15h arrondissement, facing the Maison de la Radio, at 1km distance from the Eiffel Tower, on the banks of the Seine. The hotel was designed by Ora Ïto in artistic cooperation with Daniel Buren.

What makes this hotel a unique venue is its offer 106 rooms for 2, 4, 5 and 6 people to accommodate groups, families, professionals and friends. 



These unique rooms are part of an ecosystem of services as well as artistic, creative and recreational activities :  

A vast lobby designed as a living space, with its bar lounge, will showcase temporary exhibitions, and its permanent video wall will display contemporary video and photographic creations.

Yooma is also a restaurant seating 130, a genuine living museum of chaircraftmanship, a cooking school, a fitness room with a sauna, reception rooms that can be reserved privately for your family celebrations or seminars, workshops for artists in residence, a garden on the rooftop growing fruit, vegetables and herbs for seasonal freshness throughout the year.

For families with babies you will find nurseries with changing tables, tubs for baby, as well as monitors so that you can dine at the hotel's restaurant while knowing your children are safe.




The name "Yooma" is directly inspired by the word « Humanity »To symbolize its values, Yooma’s graphic identity is an abstraction of the flags of the world as a quintessential representation of all the nationalities and peoples of our planet.

Yooma wants to create togetherness in this divided world. 

Yooma wants to be a place of friendship, joy and sharing. 

Yooma embodies values of optimism, open-mindedness and positivity.



Yooma is a place for creative artistic, cultural and graphic expression. 

Yooma is a lifestyle ecosystem, a metaphor for our societies, a response to our needs and a solution to our contemporary desires.

For the geeks, among you, Yooma is also the name of the humanoid robot that welcomes you in the hotel lobby. It can handle your check-in or just guide you toward the reception desk.





Link: Explore Ora-ïto’s work on his website:



Designed by Ora ïto with artistic cooperation from Daniel Buren, Yooma fits into the Beaugrenelle district’s ‘70s-style architecture.

Yooma was designed with an eye to the surrounding architecture, with its mythical and historical buildings poised in the Beaugrenelle district like contemporary sculptures.

A cinematographic landscape of aluminum and concrete
(Wenders, Gondry, Verneuil and Lalouche, among others, have filmed there), this was the raw material seized upon by the two designers for this uniquely creative hotel.

Buren’s vibrant work on the façade of the Yooma highlights the Transformer approach in the overall architecture.

The façade is blue with iconic black and white stripes, 
a sculpted effect of solids and voids which also enhances the lobby and other areas inside the hotel.

This is Buren’s largest permanent work in Paris after his world-famous Palais Royal columns.




Three artist residencies are available at Yooma.
The artists will present their work on the spot, at
look at the hosts as curious Parisians.